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Product placement enjoys mixed fortunes within the film community. On one hand it is a staple of Hollywood movies, featuring every time a character opens a fridge or flicks the ignition on his car. But on the other hand it has been seen as a [...]



About Us The Clapper Bored was founded in 2009 as a personal movie review blog and has since expanded to take in all aspects of the film industry. TCB v.2 was released in October 2010 and now includes sections on DVDs and Film Making as [...]


The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud

There is something wrong at the heart of this movie. What should have been a troubling portrait of post traumatic stress disorder is pawned off as a soppy romance. A character who suffers for five years from complex multiple hallucinations is relegated to ‘troubled teen’. [...]


The Social Network

The founding of Facebook is an origin story that you wouldn’t immediately associate with a Hollywood movie. ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and ‘Batman Begins’ are the sort of ‘birth of an icon’ films that we’re used to seeing at the top of the US Box Office- [...]