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December | 2010 | The Clapper Bored

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Oh dear, America…

I reviewed I Love You Philip Morris back in March of the year that is about to expire.  I wasn’t gushing in my praise (as other critics have been) but I described it as a ‘ good natured romp that is anchored by Jim Carrey [...]



During the last few days I tried to rack my brains looking for three ‘unusual’ Christmas films that you can watch over the festive season. I couldn’t come up with anything. Sure there are the obvious classics that we’ve seen time and time again, but [...]



Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film Lost in Translation divided both audiences and critics with many calling it the ‘film of the year’ but others completely confused as to what the point of the film was exactly. I would imagine that Somewhere will split people in a [...]


Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I’ve never really enjoyed the Narnia films. The books are second only to the Harry Potter series in terms of their importance to my childhood and yet these films have never captured my imagination. The decision to go with Prince Caspian as the second movie [...]


The American

Dutch photographer turned music video director turned filmmaker Anton Corbijn returns his idyllic vision of the world to our screens this month with The American. Shot on location in rural Italy it is essentially a love song to all things beautiful about Europe and about [...]



Why does this movie feel so original? The concept of the runaway train is an old one, indeed it used to be a genuine concern, but it has been relegated to the leagues of theme park attractions. In Unstoppable the threat seems very real, and [...]