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Interview with Richard Nelson

Recently I spoke to Richard Nelson, the founder of the extremely popular blog 100 Films in a Year, and we spoke about films (good and bad) and what the future holds for his unique brand of cinematic blogging. ** ** ** Nick Hilton: So, what made [...]


The Fighter

It’s rare for a film to be set in the context and scenery of economic and social depression and yet not make that its ‘issue’ de jour, yet that’s exactly what The Fighter does as we are transported to turn-of-the-millennium Lowell. Sure, the issues of [...]


Black Swan

I didn’t enjoy The Wrestler as much as I thought I would. I found that the performance from Mickey Rourke was too close to not-acting-at-all to be considered close-to-perfect-acting for my taste. And I found the film slightly nauseating, in terms of subject matter not [...]


Henry’s Crime

Keanu Reeves has been away from our screens for a while now. Temporarily he was the biggest star in the world whilst the Matrix films were still burning bright, but slowly that perfect demeanour of nonchalance slipped from out screens into the ether of non-being… [...]


Blue Valentine

There are many things to hate about Blue Valentine. The comment that it is making about the human condition, for example, suggests that we’re all bound to eventually hate one another. You might also hate the fact that it takes something idyllic and gives it [...]


Love and Other Drugs

Critics have been fond of calling this film an ‘adult romance’. What this roughly translates as is ‘there’s lots of nudity’ because there’s little else to distinguish this film from other genre rom-coms. The coup that the movie executives scored in Anne Hathaway’s nudity clause [...]