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TCB Films of 2010

I know that everyone has been waiting for me to declare my favourite films, directors and performances of 2o11. Well, with the Oscars looming, I bring you my favourite five of each category with the winner (ie My favourite) at the top. Please enjoy and [...]


The Clapper Bored Podcast

The Second episode of The Clapper Bored Podcast is out now! It features an interview with Joseph Weindl, the director of the independent feature film ‘Antihero’. Check it out here and remember to subscribe!


Never Let Me Go

I should preface this review by declaring that I love the book of Never Let Me Go. I’m a great Ishiguro fan and felt, on seeing this film version, the same trepidation that I felt the first time that I saw the beautiful film adaptation [...]


True Grit

Coens country is usually pretty dark territory, and True Grit is no exception to that. Visually striking (it shares a cinematic relationship with There Will Be Blood, the film that was controversially beaten to the top prize by No Country for Old Men) Roger Deakins [...]


Morning Glory

The makers of Morning Glory made one mistake. That’s a pretty impressive feat in the field of rom-coms and especially high praise given my recent disparaging reviews of almost everything in this genre. And that mistake was trying too hard to push the rom and [...]


The Clapper Bored Podcast

For our latest innovation… I present to you The Clapper Bored Podcast! Available to download now from the iTunes store! Just search for ‘The Clapper Bored’ and then, most importantly, subscribe! For those without iTunes, the first episode is available to hear online right here!