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April | 2011 | The Clapper Bored

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My knowledge of Norse mythology would fit on the back of a 2nd class stamp. Other than vague recollections that Thursday is named after the God of Thunder, I approached this movie with neither historical nor comic book knowledge; even more of a novice than [...]



Do you like Russell Brand? If answer is ‘yes’ please proceed to read this captivating review. If answer is ‘no’ please stop reading now and take in the rest of this website’s many delights, perhaps by listening to our enchanting podcast. Jokes aside the equation [...]


The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

En Francais native language films are received with extraordinary box offices. The price of VFX is made up in the first day when French cinephiles, young and old, flock to la cinema. Ok, there’ll certainly be a certain amount of snobbery in gay Paris surround [...]



It looked like the advent of mobile phones spelled the death of horror movies. What threat could Michael Myers of Leatherface pose if the cops were one phone call away? Contrivances like lack of signal and smashed phones became clichés until, in 1996, Scream came [...]


Red Riding Hood

I’m a fan of Catherine Hardwicke’s work on Twilight. I think that, given the tremulous source material, she did an excellent job of making it cool, fast and fun. The trouble is is that one cannot simply apply that formula to any screenplay that’s written [...]


Your Highness

I had low expectations for Your Highness. My tolerance threshold for fart and dick jokes is lower than one might expect and everything that I saw about the film screamed ‘this is full of fart and dick jokes’. So it might come as a surprise [...]