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May | 2011 | The Clapper Bored

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The Hangover Part II

I’ve decided not to bitch and moan, like other reviewers, about the fundamental laziness of this sequel. Sure, it would’ve been nice if they’d made an attempt to justify the ingenious conceit of the first with an equally clever set up to the sequel; but [...]

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Win Win

I had heard mutterings about Win Win coming out of Sundance and the words ‘brilliant’ and ‘wonderful’ seemed to be getting a lot of work. So it was with trepidation that I went to the cinema, given the lukewarm reception that our media publications had [...]


13 Assassins

I don’t know Samurai movies very well at all. I’m not naturally attracted to the idea of surreal carnage and obedience in the face of death. But I found the very first scene of 13 Assassins captivating as some Japanese guy (that’s my name for [...]

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4

When I saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, several years ago, I was precisely the right age and maturity level and I absolutely loved it. So did the Academy, it seemed, as they nominated Jonny Depp for an Oscar. What happened? Sure, I’ve [...]


Attack the Block

Joe Cornish’s debut, Attack the Block, seemed to be getting good press even before anyone had seen it. Being friends with Edgar Wright and Steven Spielberg doesn’t hurt especially when you’re releasing a mainstream sci-fi movie that’s also a comedy. Perhaps that’s why I feel [...]



Hollywood has a slightly fetishistic relationship with young, female assassins. It’s a relationship that harks back to Natalie Portman in Leon and which exploded last year with Chloe Moretz in Kick Ass. Well, Joe Wright’s Hanna isn’t quite Hit Girl. She doesn’t revel in the [...]