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The Hangover Part II | The Clapper Bored

The Hangover Part II

I’ve decided not to bitch and moan, like other reviewers, about the fundamental laziness of this sequel. Sure, it would’ve been nice if they’d made an attempt to justify the ingenious conceit of the first with an equally clever set up to the sequel; but as rashly greenlighted scripts go, this isn’t too bad. In order to explain the basic plot of The Hangover Part II I’d recommend going and watching The Hangover (if you haven’t already). Now, if our tiny minds can make the leap, transplant that idea from Las Vegas to Bangkok and there you go: a big money sequel.

It’s clear that they wanted to take the most popular aspects of the original and dial them up to eleven here. Ken Jeong obviously made an impression during his cameo as he is the shiny new McGuffin here. Bradley Cooper takes his dude/dick act to a new level, as does Ed Helms of his neurotic/maniac one. Zach Galifianakis’ Alan doesn’t have the element of originality or surprise that he had in the original (OMG he roofied them?!?!) but it’s an act that would have difficulty getting too old. Justin Bartha is not trusted to join The Wolfpack and, for the second time in two films, Jeffrey Tambor is underused. Jamie Chung makes a nice addition as Stu’s fiancé although you might be left wondering what went right.

A lot of talk was given to Mel Gibson’s cameo and the fact that he was replaced by Liam Neeson. Well, Neeson was subsequently replaced by Nick Cassavetes and somewhere along the line the entire purpose of the role was lost. Tyson reappears in his strangest role yet but Bill Clinton fails to make a fabled appearance. The whole cast his put together in a higgledy piggledy sort of way when really all anyone is interested in is Cooper, Helms and Galifianakis.

Don’t despair though, it is quite funny. It’s certainly grosser than the original, which was always a buddy comedy. I’ve seen the first film about 5 times, because: a.) I’m a guy and b.) It’s always on Sky Movies. I’m sure that the sequel will have the same effect on all guys who aren’t to squeamish to see a disrobed lady-boy or a monkey licking Mr Chow’s penis. Yes, it descends into laziness with even the ‘lost camera’ gag being repeated at the end credits but I can forgive the makers because they’ve turned out a speedy sequel that’s not a total train wreck.

Don’t be too unforgiving because of the lack of originality, this is a film that is funny and well made even if it shares the exact same DNA as the first one.

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