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Midnight in Paris

I’m a sucker for Woody Allen. I’m told that Scoop is a really bad film and that Whatever Works is total trash, but there’ll always be a part of me smiling when I watch them. With Midnight in Paris I no longer have to suffer [...]

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I have, at times in the past, struggled to understand why some women had such a strong aversion to The Hangover. They thought it was crass, sexist and unfunny which, in my opinion, makes the championing of Bridesmaids all the more ironic. Bridesmaids is The [...]

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X Men: First Class

I’ve harbored a secret preference for the X Men series over all comic book movies. It’s true that I’ve never so much as lifted a page from one of the ‘actual comics’ but the movies always appealed to me in the sense of variety, contrast [...]