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July | 2011 | The Clapper Bored

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Captain America: The First Avenger


Captain America is a ridiculously patriotic concept. Even though the film tries to play down the nationalistic ideas (having him perform ludicrous USO shows) you’ve still got someone running around killing Nazis with a shield bedecked with the stars and stripes. Undoubtedly some people will [...]

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Horrible Bosses


Comedies today are terrible. I’ve seen dire comedy after dire comedy. Occasionally it’s been broken up by something like Bridesmaids (which was ok but about as deserving of its unbelievable acclaim as Marisa Tomei was of her Oscar) and films like Win Win and Cedar [...]

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two

It’s difficult for me to be objective about a Harry Potter film. I have, without question, loved each and every one of them and whenever I’m lost for a movie to watch those well worn DVDs find their way into my player. Therefore it was [...]

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The Potter Series In Review

I feel like everyone in London (other than me) has already seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. Well, tonight the wrong shall be righted when I venture to the BFI IMAX, for the first time in my life, to see the final [...]

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The Tree of Life

In a world where films seem to be riddled with onomatopoeic levels of obviousness it’s refreshing to find a film so troublingly elliptical that it becomes hard to write about. Much has been said about the meaning of The Tree of Life and whether it’s [...]

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I had the opportunity this weekend (so did everyone) to watch the Wimbledon final in 3D at my local cinema. I passed it up because I’ve never quite been sure why sports need a big screen, let alone 3D technology. Well, there’s no 3D in [...]