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The Potter Series In Review | The Clapper Bored

The Potter Series In Review

I feel like everyone in London (other than me) has already seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. Well, tonight the wrong shall be righted when I venture to the BFI IMAX, for the first time in my life, to see the final film. The use of the word ‘final’ in any sentence relating to Harry Potter still fills me with nostalgic memories of hunkering down, book in hand and with more Swedish Fish than Stockholm aquarium, to read that last chapter.

Ten years ago when the first film was release to widespread and polite applause I was too small and precocious to appreciate it as a film. My interests were the church, the Impressionist art movement and pacifism, not witches and wizards. Ten years later and I’ve spent the week re-watching the movies on the big screen whilst nervously anticipating that final release. Suffice it to say that Rotten Tomatoes has been on standby all week (96% and counting), especially as no invite to a screening was forthcoming

All things considered the progress of the Potter series has been a landmark in children’s cinema. They’re serious films (something I can’t repeat enough times) especially from a filmmaker’s point of view. When I look at Stuart Craig’s production design or Bruno Delbonnel and Eduardo Serra’s cinematography over the last few films I’m struck by the same artistic release as I have when I watch the very greatest films in history. Perhaps I can take so much for granted because I’m so familiar with the source material but whatever the reason, they make for pretty good watching.

And so, tonight, I will watch an unwatched Harry Potter film for the last time. I’m sure there will be some sort of desperate attempt by Warner Bros in a few years time to launch a spin off franchise (Beedle the Bard?) but from the original canon, this in undoubtedly the last outing. If it hadn’t been for the collapse of the News of the World my Twitter feed might have been devoted solely to the topic of the final release (#HP7) for the past week so I’m sure that this small addition to the subject will go unnoticed.

Somewhat unbelievably, for me at least, tonight will be the third time I’ve reviewed a Harry Potter film for The Clapper Bored. Either their churning them out faster or I’m starting to rack up the years on this project. Suffice it to say that there are few reviews that I have anticipated with as much nervous excitement as tomorrows write up of the Deathly Hallows movie. But advance warning: don’t take my word for it (especially if you love it) because JK Rowling could always use some extra cash, so just see it anyway.

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