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How To Spend Your Weekend… | The Clapper Bored

How To Spend Your Weekend…

Another weekend is upon us and another opportunity to head to the cinema is about. We might be in a dud patch between Summer Blockbusters and awards season but there are still one or two things for you to catch and a whole crock of things for you to avoid like the plague. 

My top recommendation this weekend is Kill List. If you can find a trendy enough cinema to be playing this film then take a butcher’s at it. It will fuck with your head for the next week or so. If you can’t find that (or have too small a brain) your best bet is Final Destination 5 which is a no holds barred and no brains intact 3D thriller. Not as bad as you’d think.


I haven’t seen Apollo 18 but if you want to take other critics’ advice then steer the hell clear. Likewise avoid One Day, Conan and The Inbetweeners and, as always, don’t even consider renting Sucker Punch on Blu-Ray or DVD. It will do you no good whatsoever.

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