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Knowing Laughs | The Clapper Bored

Knowing Laughs

I haven’t terribly enjoyed my recent visits to the cinema but I have enjoyed one or two very knowing laughs. Therefore I thought I would share these amusing incidents with you.

First up: 30 Minutes or Less. If you’ve read  my review then you’ll know that I didn’t care for this movie.

However… there is one funny moment early on (and I can’t remember the exact line) where Jesse Eisenberg’s character responds to a question about whether he’s seen something on Facebook by saying ‘You know I’m not into that shit.’ Which is funny because, you know, he was Mark Zuckerberg. It had me rolling in the aisles, which is more than can be said about the rest of that film.

To represent that ‘knowing laugh’ here is a screencap of the The Clapper Bored’s Facebook page. Feel free to ‘like’.

My second ‘knowing laugh’ of the week was during Troll Hunter. I didn’t review this excellent faux documentary because I saw it too late and was therefore only watching because I was interested in the film.

There’s a three second sequence where you see the team resetting the white balance on their camera and it forced me to chuckle audibly so that any other filmmakers in the audience would know that I ‘got the joke’. It’s strange that no other found footage film (that I’ve seen at least) has had this little gimmick that would send tingles of pleasure down and camera fan’s spine. Yes, we are a sad bunch.

EDIT: If you’re, like 99% of the population, ignorant as to what ‘resetting the white balance’ might look like in Troll Hunter, keep an eye out for a scene in a cafe where the camera seems to film a guy holding a piece of paper.

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