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Moneyball | The Clapper Bored


Following on from last year’s ‘The Fighter’, Moneyball presents a sports biopic about an underdog vying for the ultimate victory in their respective field. In this case, the field is baseball, and that underdog is Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s squad looking for a World Series win.

The script, written by Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian, is pacy and witty. It felt slightly slower than the norm for Sorkin, whose dialogue is generally delivered at breakneck speed. Perhaps this is the inclusion of Zailiian, but nonetheless, the writing is incredibly effective.

Brad Pitt’s central performance as Billy Beane is, in many ways, what makes this movie great. He embodies the role of a man who is looking for the elusive win he has never had, while trying to maintain relationships with his ex-wife and his daughter. What makes his performance so good is that he makes Beane a full human that anyone can relate to. Jonah Hill, whose performance, has also received great acclaim, show’s he’s more than capable of playing a dramatic role, stepping away from repellent roles in bad films like ‘Superbad’. And within these two characters is a dynamic that elevates the film to further levels of greatness. At its heart, the film is a story of friendship between these two men, and the thing that they try to accomplish together. The lack of footage of baseball games makes this work well, as it chooses to focus on the human element of the story, drawing in the audience and making them care about the characters.

The film uses the baseball, instead of as the central device, as something that brings the film together into a coherent whole. A story of friendship and determination, I found myself both laughing and incredibly moved by what  a film that is, at its heart, the story of two friends searching for that elusive victory.

Words by Sam Moore. See more at Sam’s blog.

Title: Moneyball
Director: Bennet Miller
Starring: Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN!!!
Running Time: About normal.
Certificate : 15

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