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The Thing | The Clapper Bored

The Thing

When is a remake not a remake? When it’s a prequel of course! Or is it when it’s a “reboot?” Whichever way you slice it the current trend of taking a source material and duplicating in someway shows no sign of slowing. Enter “The Thing,” a “prequel” of a 1982 remake, confused yet?

John Carpenter’s 1982 exercise in acute paranoia stands the test of time as a horror classic, though I’m not sure 2011′s nuts and bolts re-hash will be remembered in 2 weeks, let alone 20 years.

It follows an unfortunate group of scientists who venture to Antartica to examine a crashed alien space craft; sadly the alien that came with it isn’t the forgiving sort and has the ability to become whatever it ingests. The Crew, of which Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim, Final Destination 3) is the stand out, are utterly unremarkable, apart from the fact none of them seem to have shaved for 10 years. You would forgive them for forgetting their razors but they did manage to pack a life times supply of beer, a pool table and thousands of pounds of scientific equipment. Priorities, I guess.

It’s certainly not terrible though, it does a great job of nailing that feeling of isolation and confusion, though this is more through decent acting than choice of shot. The Shining it is not. It certainly stands up well to something similar like 30 Days of Night, while the inclusion of Modern CGI is more entertaining than truly scary, upping the fun factor rather than the fear factor.  Directors are clearly yet to learn it’s what we don’t see; not whats splattered all over the screen that keeps us up at night.

Though packed with cliches, It’s an adequate horror taken on it’s own merit. Unfortunately it adds nothing to the legacy of Carpenters superior 1982 picture. A rainy day rental and nothing more. 

Words by Lewis Fox. For wore of Lewis’ writing check out his blog.

Title: The Thing
Director: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr
Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead; Joel Egerton; Ulrich Thomsen; Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Running Time: 103 minutes
Certificate : 15

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