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Best and Worst of 2011 | The Clapper Bored

Best and Worst of 2011

Welcome to another unwanted retrospective list. Please leave your cynicism at the door. Here’s is my short run down of the best and worst of 2011 (so far, bare in my we’re isolated in the UK)…

Nick Hilton’s Year in Film:


Great Year For: Not a lot save a couple of blockbusters and some smart people films 

It’s hard to pick a winner in what has been, for me, a stunningly weak year in international cinema. No, I haven’t see The Artist or War Horse but very few films have really captured my imagination or even attention. The resounding success of this autumn has been Thomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy a film which was unashamedly clever but also beautifully shot and with superbly crafted production design. It’s being edged out of the Oscar race by it’s lukewarm reception stateside, but what do they know? Other films that will be in with Oscar shouts that I’ve enjoyed are the delightful Midnight in Paris, the harrowing We Need To Talk About Kevin and the era defining The Tree of Life. It’s also been a surprisingly decent year for blockbusters with Thor and Captain America beating (relatively low) expectations although the clear winners on that front were Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Oh, and boy was Drive cool.

Bad Year For: You know who and you know what

I’ve rather gone on about my hatred for this film but it needs to be said. Zach Snyder’s Sucker Punch was so unbelievably awful that I can’t even bother to aim my ire at any of the other dismal offerings from 2011. Sure Green Lantern, Your Highness and 30 Minutes or Less were all piss poor but compared to the leviathan of utter shiteness that is Sucker Punch, they all look kind of good. Zach Snyder’s filmmaking career needs to be neutered before he can do further damage to multiplex credibility.

Lewis Fox’s Year in Film:

Great Year For: Extinction level events, Woody Allen and George Clooney

Two of the best movies this year had a similar premise, the discovery of a new Planet. Lars Von Triers post-nazi-comment-cock-up Melancholia was a beautifully shot, wonderfully acted piece that i will admit, took me by surprise, considering i’ve not exactly been ‘on board’ with Von Triers career. The other film, probably my favourite of 2011, was Another Earth. The collaboration between director Mike Cahill and Writer/Actress Brit Marling was an out of left-field stunner. A touching indie drama with a brain, comparable to last years Winters Bone. It was also great to see Woody Allen back to somewhere near his best. Midnight in Paris was easily his best film since the 90′s and will hopefully find the ol’cynic back at the Academy Awards. Finally, George Clooney series of political thinkers kept on getting better with The Ides of March an acting tour de force about a presidential candidate caught with his pants down. Though not perfect, the skills of Clooney, Gosling, Seymour-Hoffman and Giamatti will help you see past the sloppier parts.

Bad Year For: Zach Snyder, found footage and crazy roommates. 

Oh boy, I’m actually embarrassed to say i once thought of Sucker Punch as something i was looking forward too. It turned out to be a laughable amalgamation of awful music, one of the worst scripts of all time and petrified wood-alike acting. Where does Zach Snyder go from here, i dread to think! It was also another year of boring “found footage” movies that stomped all over the memory of The Blair Witch. Paranormal Activity 3, the filmic equivalent of sitting in the dark and getting your friend to slam your door, bored me half to death while Apollo 18 jumped on the Bandwaggon while everyone jumped off. The Roommate was also a stinker of epic proportion, with almost every character miscast, it included a classic Billy Zane performance that has to be seen to be believed.

My Top Films of 2011 in no particular order

Another Earth, Melancholia, The Ides Of March, Super 8, Midnight In Paris, Win Win, Bridesmaids, Source Code, Trust, Red State.

Sam Moore’s Year in Film:


Good Year For: Indies and Auteurs

There were some Indie films that absolutely blew me away, in the form of Drive and Martha Marcy May Marlene. Also some genuinely original films, which seem to be getting harder and harder to come by each year. Several incredibly talented actors being poised for breakouts within the next year. The pleasant surprise of Warrior, which delivered so much more than I thought it would. New films from some of my favourite directors including Midnight in Paris (by Woody Allen) and A Dangerous Method (by David Cronenberg).


Bad Year For: Hit films, dates of birth and UK cinemas

Being thoroughly disappointed by so many films that were supposed to be excellent, namely Thor and Bridesmaids. Not being old enough to see Shame when it comes out in cinemas over here in the UK. No foreign films being shown in my area when so many look so good.





One Comment

  1. Brett says:

    I still have yet to see “Drive”. It looks very good though, and this just confirmed for me that it seems to be one of the highlights of the year.
    My favorite film of the year has to be Super 8 though. It reminded me of the days when sci-fi films had a good story and characters (ie E.T) and I absolutely loved it.