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RJ Bruni, Rising Star | The Clapper Bored

RJ Bruni, Rising Star

The Clapper Bored is delighted to announce that RJ Bruni has won our inaugural Rising Star competition.

RJ managed to score a whopping 236 votes which constituted 38% of the overall total, a pretty amazing achievement. Congratulations must also be extended to all the nominees with special mentions for Antony Kwok and Phil Arntz who finised second and third respectively with 26% and 21%.

RJ is 16 years old and living in Vancouver, BC (Canada). We’ll be keeping up with his progress all year, including projects like ‘a Time Lapse Film due for Mid Summer 2012’ and generally ‘building up [his] experience’. We are confident that, at his age and with his passion, RJ is going to be able to build a successful career in cinematography.

If you’d like to keep up to date with RJ’s work, please check out his website or his Vimeo page.

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