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The Flight of the Flamingo | The Clapper Bored

The Flight of the Flamingo

The Clapper Bored is delighted to announce that its first feature film, The Flight of the Flamingo, is currently in pre-production. We’re all incredibly excited about the prospect of making this movie and chronicling the filmmaking process along the way with exclusive written and video blogs.

There are so many ways that you can get involved in the project. The least time consuming is to throw a few dollars into the pot via our IndieGoGo campaign where we are hoping to raise enough money to make this a truly special project. Alternatively you can get involved simply by tweeting about the project and about our fundraising campaign.

If you’re located in London or the South of the UK then you might be interested in joining the cast and crew of The Flight of the Flamingo. Just drop us a line, we’re a super friendly bunch and we’d love to have you onboard!

So please contribute to and share our IndieGoGo campaign (click this line to visit) so that we can make a fantastic movie that, even The Clapper Bored, would give 5 stars to!


  1. Donated. Looking forward to watching it!

  2. Nick says:

    Thanks Ernest, we appreciate your contribution!