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Friends With Kids | The Clapper Bored

Friends With Kids

Words by Nick Hilton.

Friends With Kids seems like the spiritual successor to Bridesmaids, mainly because it reunites Chris O’Dowd, John Hamm, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph but also because it has the same sort of trendy 30s (age, not decade) America tone. The basic premise is simple: the film follows a group of friends, two of whom are unmarried and decide to have a baby together in order to spare their child the fallout from the demise of marital bliss that they’ve witnessed in their friends’ relationships. It’s no plot spoiler to suggest that complications might ensue.

From the off it’s clear that writer/director/actor Jennifer Westfeldt is much more comfortable behind the page than she is onscreen and it’s a shame, therefore, that she’s given herself the main role in the film that would be more suited to a charismatic performer like Wiig or Rudolph. The rest of the cast are lovely enough, Adam Scott as the cute love interest, Ed Burns as the super-hunk alternative and Megan Fox as the sexy sort of jailbait. It’s all very nicely performed although the production design doesn’t quite cut it in a world where we expect Hollywood standards everywhere.

But the script is charming and the storyline has a freshness about it that’s quite nice. It inevitably gives way to an unnecessarily saccharine ending that kind of undermines everything that’s gone before, but there are moments of emotional honesty (especially a doomed ski trip) that mark this out as an above averagely intelligent adult comedy. It might not be that funny but it does tickle the ribs every so often although you’ll be left wishing that the face where a little bit closer to Bridesmaids.

A charming cast and a decent script make this a fair outing from the Bridesmaids crew but you’ll need to adjust your expectations beforehand.

Friends with kids poster
Title: Friends With Kids
Director: Jennifer Westfeldt
Starring: Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott, John Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O'Dowd, Ed Burns, Megan Fox
Running Time: Couple of hours
Certificate: 15

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