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The Wedding Video | The Clapper Bored

The Wedding Video

The found footage format has been applied to pretty much everything and it’s become synonymous with tedious, cheaply made horror movies like Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside. Recent attempts to expand the genre haven’t exactly set the world on fire, Chronicle and Project X I’m looking at you. So it’s with a sense of daytime TV dread that I went to see Nigel Cole’s The Wedding Video which, unlike the stylistically similar Confetti, opts to head down the found footage route rather than out and out mockumentary. The biggest surprise is that this, largely, works.

The film is centred around Rufus Hound’s roguish brother and best man, who takes on the job of videographer in the run up to his uptight brother’s (Robert Webb) wedding. The premise is fairly simple and there are a few early framing gags that work nicely (as well as a very funny montage when the camera equipment is upgraded). From that basic set-up we go through the standard trials and tribulations of putting together the ‘Cheshire Wedding of the Year’ and the movie works very nicely, until the ending goes wilfully mushy and unrealistic.

On the face of it, the cast look like they’ve stepped out of a Channel 4 one hour special. Robert Webb is, perhaps, the weakest link in the film, doing his whole Peep Show face whilst the others give more naturalistic performances. Hound is, somewhat surprisingly, excellent in the lead role, bringing welcome humour and humanity to a character who is in pretty much every scene. Lucy Punch, who’s been making inroads in Hollywood of late, is also superb as a character who starts off being thoroughly unlikeable but has a wonderfully believable character arc that sees her ending up being wholly sympathetic and more than a little bit lovely.

The Wedding Video isn’t reinventing the wheel but it’s a likeable rom-com that’s far more than the sum of its marketing campaign.

Title: The Wedding Video
Director: Nigel Cole
Starring : Rufus Hound, Lucy Punch, Robbert Webb, Miriam Margoyles
Running Time: About 90 minutes
Certificate: 15

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