Premium Rush

There must come a point when Hollywood finally realises that it’s exhausted every conceivable plotline for expensive movies. This feels a little like one of those moments. We’ve had so many movies about cars and boats and planes, and it’s all got a little bit boring. What mode of transport haven’t we made an action movie about? Bikes! Bikes are great, cos they’re green and trendy and Boris Johnson loves them, but can we really make an action movie involving bicycles? Well, on the evidence of Premium Rush, yes, we just about can.

Premium Rush follows Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s bicycle messenger (bizarrely called Wiley) as he does his whole reckless cycling schtick having picked up an envelope that attracts the attention of Michael Shannon’s corrupt cop. From then on it’s basically car chases bike through New York, and little else but the action is well orchestrated and the whole business is elevated by the fact that Michael Shannon feels like a better clash of villain than this film would normally merit. And JGL, so hot right now, is a likeable protagonist and it’s not too hard to get behind his valiant attempts to deliver the parcel.

It all gets a little bit silly, inevitably, when they try and put together some sort of ‘serious backstory’ making a ‘serious point about immigration’. It was more entertaining when it was just people cycling really fast with Sherlock Holmes style action sequence pre-dissection. But, even with its built-in silliness, the film is wholly good natured and plenty of fun. Might even make you want to take up cycling although there are a stunning number of extremely dangerous looking collisions with cars and walls, so that should balance that sensation out.

Fun and frivolous, Premium Rush is lighter than a compact, fold-up bike. Not sensational but it’ll kill a couple of hours.

Title: Premium Rush
Director : David Koepp
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez (that gal from Entourage)
Running Time: 90 minutes
Certificate: 12a

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