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Celeste and Jesse Forever | The Clapper Bored

Celeste and Jesse Forever

If you’re a twenty something year old hipster, who has an Instagram account, thick rimmed glasses and elbow pads, then, chances are, you’ve not enjoyed very many things at the cinema since Moonrise Kingdom. But that doesn’t mean you should be ignored, you deserve your cinema going experience every bit as much as the rest of the world. Well, here’s your early Christmas present- the new film from hipster pin-up girl Rashida Jones, based on her Blacklisted script and starring SNL and Lonely Island vet Andy Samberg. And, if you needed it more, it just so happens to be really good.

The entire subculture of super attractive, young, affluent Americans in movies where they have relationship issues and resolve it all with pithy dialogue inevitably draws some stick, and Celeste and Jesse Forever will certainly not win over the detractors of that genre. The premise, however, is unusual: Celeste and Jesse married young, completely in love and best friends, but have since separated but still live together and function as a ‘best friend’ unit. It’s obvious where the conflict is going to come from, but the film takes pride in not being easy to guess and deliberately explores that scenario in a way that makes most other rom-coms look dull and formulaic. It’s not reinventing the wheel, but it’s vastly improving its wet weather performance (or is that tyres?).

Rashida Jones is the real heroine of this story (it might as well be called Celeste Forever), having written and starred in the movie. She cut her teeth in TV shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation and now gets a shot at her first leading role, which she nails. If you didn’t think she was supremely lovely and awesome beforehand, you will afterwards. There are also interesting turns from people like Emma Roberts, playing a stuck up and possibly gay pop star, and Elijah Wood, playing a super sensitive and probably gay talent agent, and these help lift this film even more. It might be lightweight, but it’s a lot of fun and no one really ought to complain about having to watch Rashida Jones onscreen for a couple of hours.

Fun, smart and sensitive to what it’s like to be a young, attractive hipster with a good job. One of the best rom-coms of the year.

Title: Celeste and Jesse Forever
Director: Lee Toland Krieger
Starring: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Emma Roberts, Elijah Wood, Chris Messina, Ari Graynor
Running Time: Not too long
Certificate: 15

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  1. Very descriptive post, I loved that bit. Will there
    be a part 2?