Safety Not Guaranteed


Wanna come see my time machine? Cool. Yeah, it’s just round the back here. Nah, just kidding! I don’t have a time machine, but what I do got is an indie sci-fi movie for you. Do you like indie sci-fi movies? Cool, me too! Let’s take a look together then…

So, we’ve got Aubrey Plaza, that ridiculously hipster cute girl from Parks and Rec, as our main character (gonna call her Damien or something crazy). She’s investigating this schlubby loner, played by our friend Mark Duplass, of Duplass brothers fame, who reckons he’s invented a time machine. And there’ll be some other cool characters doing there own thing whilst Aubrey and Mark are doing some ironic training montages and other trendy shit like that. It’s gonna be really neat, and we’re gonna shoot it all handheld and in somewhere offbeat and alternative like Washington state. On the beach. There are going to be montages on the beach.

It’s not going to be as funny as it could be because, you know, laugh out loud humour is pretty passé and redundant. But it’s gonna be totally adorable, mainly cos Aubrey’s such a star- her deadpan humour in Funny People was off the charts hilair- and also cos I want it to feel like putting on a pair of slippers in order to go to the store and buy a pink of milk, which you then drink with a straw. It’s gonna evoke that sort of sensation, but in a totally cool, trendy, hipper than Captain Hipster way. But it’s also gonna have a good heart and that’s the most important thing, right? We’ve got a responsibility as filmmakers…

Safety Not Guaranteed is an adorably indie romance, with hints of comedy and sci-fi, that features a winning central performance. Oh, and it’s totally cool.

Title: Safety Not Guaranteed
Director: Colin Trevorrow
Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson, Mark Duplass, Kristen Bell
Running Time: 90 mins or so
Certificate: 15

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