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Nick Predicts the Oscars! | The Clapper Bored

Nick Predicts the Oscars!


I reckon this is going to go to Argo. People have talked about Lincoln but I find that hard to imagine, given how little momentum it has going in. My outside bet is actually Life of Pi, which could be the winner if the vote is very split, as it’s a film where your affection for it just grows and grows, especially against coldly brilliant pieces like Amour and Zero Dark Thirty.


Tough call this one, because Ben Affleck isn’t in the running, so if Argo is going to take Best Picture then this has to be a split. I’m going to go with a bit of a dark horse and suggest Ang Lee. Lee is very well respected and Life of Pi is one of the most complex pieces of directorial work in recent years. But this will be tight and I think that, if I were to play my money slightly safer, I might go for former enfant terrible David O.Russell.


This is going to go to Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln. Everyone knows it and has, grudgingly, accepted it. The man’s the greatest actor of his generation and his third Best Actor Oscar will be richly deserved.


Another really tight award, but I think that Jennifer Lawrence will edge it. Wallis and Watts will be happy to be nominated, but Lawrence, Chastain and Riva are all in with a shout. Amour has a huge amount of love for it, but I just can’t see Riva getting past either of the bright young things. So, in the head to head between Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain (two of Hollywood’s hottest pieces of property), I reckon the Academy voters will have plumped for the slightly safer bet.


Really tricky one here, because the category is packed with former winners. Whilst a lot of people think Tommy Lee Jones has done enough, I reckon this one is going to be The Master’s only piece of recognition, and go to Philip Seymour Hoffman. PSH is a popular actor in a film that has played much better with critics than audiences, and I think he’ll nab his second Oscar here.


Even more sewn up than Daniel Day-Lewis, the Best Supporting Actress award is  going to go to Anne Hathaway for her performance in Les Miserables. Very much deserved and I’m sure she’ll give a delightful speech.


I reckon that Amour is going to scoop this one, such is the love for Michael Haneke’s chilly vision of aging. Django Unchained is, perhaps, the obvious choice after Zero Dark Thirty became almost untouchably controversial, but I fancy the highbrow Hollywood elite to reward Haneke with his first non-foreign language Oscar.


There are a few good shouts here, so it’s another difficult-to-call category. I’m going to throw my hat in with David O.Russell’s tremendously popular Silver Linings Playbook which will take its only major award in this category. But Life of Pi and Lincoln would also be very sensible bets, and I imagine that the voting on this will be very close.


This award has Amour’s name practically engraved on it already. There are some other good films nominated, like No and A Royal Affair, but Haneke’s broken into the main categories with his movie and I expect it to confidently capture this particular statuette.


I have seen it, but everyone tells me that Wreck-It-Ralph is a bit of an animated masterpiece and is bound to take home the Oscar. Brave was a bit of a misfire for Pixar, so this looks like the strongest of the nominees.



Cinematography- Life of Pi

Costume Design- Les Miserables

Documentary (Feature)- Searching for Sugarman

Documentary (Short)- Open Heart

Editing- Argo

Hair and Makeup- Les Miserables

Original Score- Life of Pi

Original Song- Skyfall

Production Design- Les Miserables

Animated (Short)- Paperman

Live Action (Short)- Asad

Sound Editing- Argo

Sound Mixing- Skyfall

Visual Effects- Life of Pi




4- Les Mis, Life of Pi

3- Argo

2- Skyfall, Silver Linings Playbook, Amour

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