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Indie Cinematographer: Between Beasts | The Clapper Bored

Indie Cinematographer: Between Beasts

It’s pretty rare that I see a short film that impresses me enough to blog about it, but here’s one: Between Beasts, a short animated film by 19-year-old Swedish filmmaker Jesper Eriksson.

First off, I’d recommend you watch it.

YouTube Preview Image

So, there you go. It’s 7 minutes of Burtonesque animation that seems to blend that same gothic aesthetic with a sense of wonder that would impress Terrence Malick. Jesper tells me that he hasn’t seen Tree of Life and that the middle, Milky Way sequence, was pure improvisation- a testament to an extraordinary visual creativity. Created in After Effects, 3DS Max and Premiere Pro, Between Beasts illustrates the fact that the line between filmmaker, animator and artist is not as clearly delineated as many seem to thing. Yes, this filmmaker has a precise understanding of the practical skills and technical expertise required, but it’s the same mind that first sketched the characters and, eventually, built the entire environment in which the short film revolves. That’s a resonant message about modern day storytelling, and, more specifically, filmmaking.

You can read a longer interview with Jesper here.

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