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Netflix Picks of the Week! | The Clapper Bored

Netflix Picks of the Week!

In a new regular feature, I’ll be looking at the films and TV shows you should be catching on Netflix UK!

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Celeste and Jesse Forever

In my opinion, this was the underrated rom-com of 2012. Rashida Jones writes and leads the line here in a clever, funny and very modern tale of a divorcing couple who are struggling to give up on one another. SNL’s Andy Samberg is her opposite number, and despite a few weak moments (particularly related to supporting characters and subplots), the core romance is so bittersweet and well-observed that it’s a real triumph. And Rashida Jones is fantastic and swiftly establishing herself as one of Hollywood’s top comedic performers.

The Raid

One of my Top Three films of last year, The Raid has been on Netflix for a while but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of you who still haven’t caught it. It’s the story of an elite Indonesian squad’s assault on a drug baron’s tower block. The result is one of the most spectacular martial arts (Pentak Silit, sports fans) films ever. Directed by Welshman Gareth Evans, you’ll want to catch this before the sequel is released- but you’ll also just want to catch it because it’s plain great.

The US Office- Season 7

We could spend all day debating whether the UK or US version of The Office is better, but what cannot be disputed is that Season 7 is now on Netflix. It’s Michael Scott’s final season at Dunder Mifflin, so it essentially heralds the end of The Office as we know it. But the series goes out with a bang, returning to the superbly awkward relationships of the first few series, whilst giving some of the supporting cast the chance to shine. Steve Carrell is such a force of nature that the show loses momentum after he’s gone, so enjoy this final series (plus the few episodes after he leaves, including Dwight’s brief tenure as office manager, which is priceless).

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