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5 Possible Plots For The Raid 3 | The Clapper Bored

5 Possible Plots For The Raid 3

1) A Direct Sequel

Rama concludes The Raid 2 by saying the line ‘No, I’m done’, which suggests that he might be calling time on his ass-kicking days. Of course, that’s not a million miles away from the conclusion to The Raid, so probably ought to be taken with a pinch of salt. The most probable storyline for The Raid 3 is seeing Rama get caught up with the Goto family from Japan – who were introduced to us but not fully explored. With most of the Indonesian gangsters lying in tatters, the Goto family find themselves in an unexpectedly strong position. I’m not 100% clear on what the implications of Bejo’s tattoo were (feel free to let me know if you understand better) other than that he was responsible for the attack in the prison, but developing a possible link between his rise and the Gotos seems plausible. And, given that Bejo was responsible for the death of Rama’s brother, that would be one of the few things that could tear him away from a reunion with his wife and son.

2) Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man Origins Story

Up front, I’m uncomfortable with the fact that she’s Hammer Girl but he’s Baseball Bat Man. It plays into the weird sexualisation of innocence that’s becoming a trend in violent movies. But, of course, they’re never referred to by those titles in the film, so I’ll let it off the hook. Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man were the standout comic-book characters from The Raid 2. Yes, they both meet grizzly ends at the hands of Rama, but they certainly seem ripe for an origins story. Evans seems to tease that possibility when Rama knocks Hammer Girl’s sunglasses off during their fight, and she’s seen to have a disfigured eye. It’s a tempting clue about how she became this killing machine, and a prequel would please a lot of her fans. Julie Estelle is a big star in Indonesian, which means a big box office draw, and we’ve got a ready made psychological mystery in their very specific choice of weaponry.

3) Eka Prequel

Following in that trend, another strong contender would be an Eka prequel. He spent a lot of The Raid 2 lurking in the shadows of his boss and appearing more important than his actions, to that point, had merited. That all culminated in the reveal that he was an undercover cop who had been turned by the mob, but, most importantly, Evans leaves the resolution ambiguous. Eka maintains that he did not turn against the police, whilst Bunawar asserts that he was responsible for the deaths of 10 policemen. It’s a tempting snippet of information. While, like Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man, we know what his fate is, there’s an awful lot of universe expanding that could go on by exploring the truth about Eka’s infiltration of the mob (which would also allow plenty of the cast of The Raid 2 to return from beyond the grave). And it also raises a whisper of suspicion about Bunawar, that might grow into something louder…

4) Bunawar The Villain Sequel

This relies on a lot of conjecture, but the role of the police in The Raid series has been pretty dodgy. Bunawar’s mission for Rama is suspect from the outset, and only gets more and more as Bunawar presses him to sniff out the corrupt cops, rather than taking down the mob bosses. Is Bunawar simply looking for weaknesses in his own cover-up? Or trying to hunt down his rivals? Either way, he’s not the film’s most trustworthy character, and, if he is evil, then it opens the possibility of a sequel, a couple of years down the line, with him trying to clear his tracks and take out Rama, who knows too much. This could end up being more like The Raid than The Raid 2, as we might get a siege movie with Rama trying to defend his wife and son. I think that’d be a neat (and thrilling) way of wrapping up an emotionally involving trilogy.

5) International Rama Sequel

This is, perhaps, the most frightening option, but, given the success of the series, it stands to reason that The Raid 3 might take place outside of Indonesia. Rama, having braved many dangers and with a number of existing threats, might leave the country and try and start a new life in America or China or England or Japan. Of course, you can’t run from your problems forever, and the events of The Raid and The Raid 2 will catch up with him, bringing the terror of Pencak Silat to another country. It’s the sort of film that would make sense for Evans, as he looks to build a sustained career, presumably incorporating work outside of Indonesian martial arts. But it also has the potential to be a Die Hard sequels knock off, and lose the gritty, urban spirit of the originals.


  1. hassan says:

    i think that all the team of the tattoos work for the cop who engaged rama in this war ,killing his brother was just the reason to attract him to the line up, but the big question in my thinking is this cop try to fight the bad cops or try to impose a nex mafia.

  2. dredd says:

    It was the same tattoo as the men who Uca killed by cutting their throats. The guys who tried to kill him in prison. It means that Bejo tried to have Uca killed in prison