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About | The Clapper Bored


The Clapper Bored was founded in 2009 by Nick Hilton as a personal movie review blog and has since expanded to take in all aspects of the film industry. TCB v.2 was released in October 2010 and now included sections on DVDs and Film Making as well as reviews of films in the cinema college application essay topics.

Editor- Nick Hilton (nick@theclapperbored.com)

Technical Director- Ollie Judge (ollie@theclapperbored.com)

Writers- Joseph Weindl, Ollie Craig, Ernest Worthing, Jeff Galasso, Lewis Fox, Sam Moore, John Hewitt.

Illustrators- Luke Gray, Jac Clinch.

Podcast People- Jonny Brick, Pavel Linshits.

Let’s have more of you though! We’re always looking for writers (especially London based, sorry North of England) to preview films and write reviews. But if you think that you’re amusing and have something to say (preferably about film, TV or video games) then drop us a line and we’ll sort you out with a regular column. In order to expand we need to feed on the souls of the living, or something like that. Please email all applications straight to Nick at nick@theclapperbored.com