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Netflix Picks of the Week!

Netflix Picks of the Week!

In a new regular feature, I’ll be looking at the films and TV shows you should be catching on Netflix UK! _ _ _ _ _ Celeste and Jesse Forever In my opinion, this was the underrated rom-com of 2012. Rashida Jones writes and leads the [...]

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Nick Predicts the Oscars!

Nick Predicts the Oscars!

BEST FILM  I reckon this is going to go to Argo. People have talked about Lincoln but I find that hard to imagine, given how little momentum it has going in. My outside bet is actually Life of Pi, which could be the winner if [...]


A Prophet

Calling this movie ‘the French Godfather’ is an over simplification. Sure, it’s a sprawling crime epic that epitomises the gangsters that it is trying to portray (where the Godfather focused on Sicily, here the lens is turned towards Corsica). However, A Prophet has a very [...]



WARNING: This film is that uniquely frustrating blend of independent cinema neuroses and Hollywood sentiments that inspire pure, unadulterated loathing in many people. Proceed with caution. Once that warning is out of the way then we can talk about all the things (and there are [...]


The Killer Inside Me

Michael Winterbottom returns to the small screen after the cinematic release of his deeply disturbing thriller The Killer Inside Me, based on the equally disturbing novel by Jim Thompson. The premise is simple (in a psychotic killer sort of way). A junior Sheriff commits a [...]