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The Clapper Bored
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Harry Potter 7 Week

In preparation for the release of the seventh Harry Potter movie on Friday, The Clapper Bored has prepared a series of interesting and, possibly, informative articles on the subject. These will be released gradually over the next few days, culminating in the review for ‘Harry [...]


Due Date

‘Misfiring’ is probably the most apt word to describe this latest venture from ‘Hangover’ director Todd Philips. The problem, in my opinion, isn’t Downey Jr, as many critics have said. His cantankerous architect, whilst unrelentingly unpleasant is a staple character of 21st Century comedies. The [...]


Let Me In

This film is a reviewer’s nightmare.  The strength of the original Swedish language movie, ‘Let The Right One In’, has meant that this film has been greeted with a frosty reception from cinematic purists. I’m a massive ‘Let The Right One In’ fan, but I [...]


Easy A

I would like to add a potential subtitle to this film- ‘Easy A: A demonstration of how radically different British schooling is to fictional America’. Whilst this may sound like a cheap shot, the entire premise of ‘Easy A’ revolves around the idea that someone [...]


Paranormal Activity 2

How do you judge a horror movie? ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ stands alone as a horror Best Picture Winner and therefore it seems uncharitable to expect filmmaking brilliance. The one prerequisite of a good horror movie seems to be that it scares you, and [...]


The Kids Are All Right

(This review was first posted in July 2010) This might be the first film that really epitomizes Obama’s America. Free-wheeling West coast liberal lesbians and college aspiring multi-talented kids- what’s not to love? Even the sperm donor who’s supposed to be a bit of a [...]