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A Few Extra Thoughts On The Descendants

A Few Extra Thoughts On The Descendants

So, I saw The Descendants. Given that Lewis Fox already review it excellently for the site I’m not going to do a full and/or proper review of it but, instead, will be giving you a few, slightly random, observations about the film. 1.) It’s really [...]


The Descendants

The Descendants

Words by Lewis Fox Has Alexander Payne ever made a bad film? To put it bluntly, no.  His ability to marry the comic and the tragic speaks to the very essence of cinema. Election, About Schmidt and Sideways are nigh on perfection, films able to have you [...]


Cedar Rapids

Sweet. Indie. John C Reilly. The American Midwest. Blacklist script. Produced by Alexander Payne… It doesn’t sound like we’re treading particularly unfamiliar territory here, does it? That’s something that Cedar Rapids both abides by with a strictness to convention that would shame a Catholic Nun, [...]