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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Watching (and reviewing) action movies is kind of a pointless task for me. Sure, The Raid was my No.3 movie of 2012, but that was an anomaly, given the fact that I’ve not enjoyed another action film in years. I found The Avengers massively underwhelming [...]

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As a general rule, the more seriously you take Westerns, the stupider you look. Obviously there are exceptions, but Lawless is not one of them. It’s a fun, ultra-violent, narratively patchy jumble of interesting characters doing interesting things and stabbing people. If you’re looking for [...]




Words by John Hewitt So here we are. Prometheus. This is a big one, one of the most hotly anticipated films of the year. Having been in development from as far back as 2002, it was going to be stunning, one way or another. So, [...]


Animal Kingdom

What was the last ‘great’ British crime thriller? It’s a difficult thought. The Americans used to monopolise the genre but in recent years the best that they can produce is fare like The Town which, at best, is a simple popcorn thriller. So it seems [...]


The King’s Speech

The treatment for this film must have come across as a frighteningly British proposal. What other country could possibly propose making a major international film about the dual issues of the monarchy and a speech impediment? But make it they did and director Tom Hooper [...]