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Friends With Kids

Friends With Kids
Friends with kids poster

Words by Nick Hilton. Friends With Kids seems like the spiritual successor to Bridesmaids, mainly because it reunites Chris O’Dowd, John Hamm, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph but also because it has the same sort of trendy 30s (age, not decade) America tone. The basic [...]

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I have, at times in the past, struggled to understand why some women had such a strong aversion to The Hangover. They thought it was crass, sexist and unfunny which, in my opinion, makes the championing of Bridesmaids all the more ironic. Bridesmaids is The [...]


Sucker Punch

Did you think that 300 was excessively character driven? Did you find the plot of Avatar overly complicated? Did you think that the visual effects in Clash of the Titans were too subtle? Well, if so, you’ll find Sucker Punch to be the perfect movie. [...]